Working on ServiceNow one of the underlying principles to understand is how database classes are extended. If you’ve worked with databases before, this isn’t a new concept. But for those who haven’t it can be challenging.

So … why not use ServiceNow to help solve the problem?

I created a scoped application called Platform Visualization

Platform Visualization


The initial version of the application focuses on visualizing the data structures both from class extensions and classes of referenced fields.

The menu starts off with a series of views to different tables. Any class can be explored by manipulating the URL.

These menu entries should get you started.

Class Extensions

Class Extensions

This image is a screenshot showing an example search of the 538 classes in the Configuration Management Database. The tree can be explored by clicking on individual nodes:

  • Nodes with thicker borders have extended classes, clicking on it will open, or close, the sub-classes.
  • Nodes that are filled in have fields, or attributes, defined at that class level.
  • When searching nodes that match in the class name or label have a red border, if fields match then the node will be filled with a red color.
  • When a search is still active all non-matching nodes are slightly dimmed.
  • Right-click on any filled node to get a popup window showing the field definitions at that class.
    • Close the popup by right-clicking outside the popup window but within the diagram. I’d like to make this easier.

Class References

Class References

This image is a screenshot showing an example of the 61 nodes related to a User record through reference fields. The tree navigates similarly to the Class Extension view:

  • Nodes are color-coded so all nodes of the same class will share the same color.
  • Nodes with a thicker border have reference classes defined in it or a classes it is extended from.
  • Right click on any filled in node to see the fields available at that class. This includes all of the fields in this class or any classes it was extended from.
  • Since classes can re-appear the node naming is challenging. Each tree with have one node that is named the same as the database class name in ServiceNow. Others will have a prefix showing the reference field it came from and a suffix showing which instance it is of this class.

Try it out

To get a copy of Platform Visualization go to the product page and download a copy of the compressed update set. This update set is published from ServiceNow’s Studio and includes everything needed in the scoped application.